Sunday, March 22, 2009

I LOVE Being Right

In November, I said this:

Obama is a liar. Over and over again, Obama has changed his story and his stances on the issues. Call him on it and he denies he ever held the previous view, despite the existence of video, audio or written evidence.

and this:

Obama is for Obama and nothing else. From his revolving door for associates and friends who no longer serve his needs to the willingness to provoke old hatreds, Obama seems to care little about anyone and anything but himself.

Now, Obama has done this:

The exemption for already existing compensation agreements -- the exact provision that is now protecting the AIG bonus payments -- was inserted at the White House's insistence and over Dodd's objections. But now that a political scandal has erupted over these payments, the White House is trying to deflect blame from itself and heap it all on Chris Dodd by claiming that it was Dodd who was responsible for that exemption.

That's right. Obama is cannibalizing his own party, throwing a distinguished ally under the bus, and lying through his teeth (despite publically available evidence) all to save his own ass. It's good to be right, but how I wish I'd been wrong.


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