Sunday, March 08, 2009

If you read nothing else....

Read Glenn Greenwald's ongoing examination of the Obama administration's attacks on our constitution and the rule of law, all in the name of "the institution of the presidency." No, not the actual constitutionally-mandated institution of the presidency. That would be too liberal. Instead, Obama is seeking to preserve the expanded, illegally-constructed "institution of the presidency" brought to us by Bushco.

When, oh when, will the liberal chattering classes learn the difference between liberalism and centrist neoliberalism? When will they get that the centrist neoliberals are more than willing to throw the constitution, human rights and the rule of law under the bus for political expediency and power politics? Soon, I hope. It's been a couple of decades now since the DLC destroyed the influence of the left and liberal political philosophies in America and turned the Democratic Party into America's center-right party. Only the truly dense would take much longer to figure that out.


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