Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Science v. Religion?

Approximately 98% of its "facts" and ideas have been proven false. Of the 2% that remain, much is either "useless" or questionable. It has been used to justify slavery and segregation, European imperialism, the subjugation of women, the persecution of homosexuals,interference in private decisions like those about reproduction, and brutal atrocities like genocide and torture.

With the exception of a few on the fringes, the majority of its practitioners now regret the darkness of its past, recoiling with horror at the crimes committed by those who preceded them. These people were a product of their times, they say. You shouldn't renounce the whole system simply for their acts. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water. We're all human. We've progressed!

Some might call anyone who falls for these arguments foolish. Reason and experience should have forced us to abandon this nonsense long ago, right?

Despite the problems, I, for one, still find its ideas (unproven though they may be)elegant, beautiful, and awe-inspiring. I spend hours every week poring over its texts, both ancient and modern. Perhaps, I too am a fool. Maybe I'm an idiot for accepting a system that has failed so often, hurt so many. Maybe I haven't thought it out enough. Maybe I've just accepted what I was told growing up by my authority figures, failed to exhibit a level of skepticism worthy of an intelligent human being.

Maybe, but I can't help it. Science rocks!

Get the point?


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