Saturday, April 21, 2007

F*cking for Chastity Award: Take 2

I was curious about what legitimate, reasonable atheist organizations had to say about the Gellman affair. Unfortunately, American Atheists was a bit of a disappointment, although Michael Doss' letter deserves kudos. Now, let's be clear that AA represents only itself, its membership and supporters, and its official stances. It does not represent all or most atheists. However, I think quite a bit in these letters lives up to the spirit of the "F*cking for Chastity Award." So, ladies and gentleman, American Atheists receives the second official Liberals in Exile FCA.

Here's more of the fine work of AA that has led to this award:

But we are pleased when theists employ Atheism in what they do. Feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, and giving medicine to the sick is Atheism.
Ellen Johnson, President, American Atheists, Inc.

Although I can only speak for myself, I believe that the average Atheist is perplexed at the seeming inability of their fellow sapiens to think with clarity or act with understanding and intelligence.
Kevin Frad, member of AA, Inc.

And let us offer a nod to their explanation of why they are atheists and what atheism is.

Note: some of these stances are completely reasonable. They represent merely a differing opinion between theists/atheists. Honest, intelligent people can disagree. Often, however, these are not wholly unique to atheism or to be more linguistically correct, to atheistic moral philosophies. To rehash the accusations they make against Rabbi Gellman, AA, Inc. falsely implies that theistic moral philosophies do NOT include these stancies. Their use of G-dism rather than the proper term, theism, implies contempt and is a slur often used by anti-theists against theists. Many of the behaviors and attitudes they attribute to "G-dism" are not unique to theistic moral philosophies or the behavior/attitudes of theists. They falsely imply that they are.

In pretending to be defenders of reason and humanity while perpetuating stereotypes against theists and a narcissistic view of atheism/atheists that presents them not as equal to their fellow humans but as superior to all other humans, American Atheists are hereby granted the F*cking for Chastity Award.


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