Friday, November 02, 2007

This really counts as a post

I'm trying to do the post a day thing, but I might have to cheat. Like today, I'm just going to post a question I have for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton... even if that's cheating or whatever. Anyway, Clinton has gone on record defending "traditional marriage" whenever gay marriage pops up. Soooooo...

Sen. Clinton, do you truly support "traditional marriage" as it has been defined throughout the majority of American and Western history?

If so, why should we, the people of the United States, elect chattel to the office of the presidency? After all, we wouldn't vote for Bill Clinton's car for president. Under "traditional marriage," a man's wife and his car have the same legal standing.

If not, why is "traditional marriage" all of a sudden so important ONLY when it comes to denying marriage rights to those you deem beneath you? (No, Sen. Clinton, I'm not one of those "house homos" deluded enough to think you care one whit about our rights.)

Finally, can you ask your husband how a man who wouldn't know the sanctity of marriage if it bit him in his sizeable ass could possibly grow testicles large enough to sign something called the "Defense of Marriage Act?"


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