Thursday, June 07, 2007

Penis Fencing

It's not quite what it sounds like, but penis fencing is one of those things that makes me grateful to be a human.

Imagine the unusual mating habits nature could have saddled us with and you have to breathe a sign of relief. Could you imagine if we had to spread our urine and feces around like the hippo or vomit like white-fronted parrots? Aren't you guys happy that your genitals don't explode like the honey bee's or that you don't have to drink your girl's urine like the giraffe? Of course, I'm guessing the retractable, prehensile penis sounds kind of cool to some of you.

Strangely enough though, many human behaviors (some considered a bit freaky amongst most humans) are replicated in the animal kingdom: love songs, dancing, "buying" dinner, giving your girl a "rock" or flowers, golden showers, homosexuality, threesomes, testosterone-fueled competition, masturbation, rape, orgies, necrophilia, nyphomania, peeping toms, prostitution, paid peep shows, etc. Well, maybe we're not so superior after all.


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