Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bad Science, Bad Theology, Just Bad

The Creation Museum has opened its doors, leading to a blogosphere-wide freak-out over the atrocious "science" represented by Adam and Eve set smack dab in the middle of a Flintstones world.

Personally, I'm just as offended by the mind-blowing theological errors like:
1. G-d doesn't get credit for creation unless He pulled the universe out of His hat like a cheap magician at a children's party.
2. The dispersion of peoples after the Tower of Babel "incident" was brought about by G-d's decision that human's just weren't getting it on fast enough or moving far enough away from one another. (When this still didn't work, G-d created Barry White and Manifest Destiny.)
3. "Evolution" has caused the moral decline in modern society, because we all know there were no signs of moral decay in the Bible, not in Sodom or Gomorrah or Nineveh or Jerusalem. Nope. No moral decay at all. No idol worshipping or baby-sacrificing or mistreatment of the poor or abandonment of the widows or oppression of the workers or drunkenness or adultery or violence or anything. We were all doing just fine until they told that lie about the monkeys.

I am so embarassed for these people and I'm deeply offended on behalf of all reasonable people of faith who believe in a G-d whose greatness isn't threatened by truth but is instead revealed by it.


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