Saturday, March 24, 2007

War with Iran?

Considering that Pentagon officials claimed long ago that Bush had ordered them to plan for an attack on Iran if the U.S. were attacked again (even if there was no evidence Iran was involved).

Considering that former military officers at the Pentagon have claimed that Bush political appointees manipulated intelligence to bolster the administration's justifications for an impending attack on Iraq even before 9/11 (See Why We Fight.)

Considering that Bush has been making similarunsubstantiated and potentially false claims about Iranian support for Shiite terrorists in Iraq.

Considering that the U.S. has been carrying out both a military buildup in the Persian Gulf and clandestine activities inside Iran (including picking targets).

Considering Iran's seizure of 15 British sailors and the confusion as to whether they were in Iraqi or Iranian waters.

Considering that the U.S. and her allies are under tremendous pressure to stop Iran's alleged pursuit of nuclear weaponry BEFORE Iran has enough enriched uranium to make such an attack unwise (given that an attack on a facility holding large amounts of enriched uranium could kill hundreds of thousands of civilians and would probably be interpreted as a nuclear attack).

Does anyone not think that we'll attack Iran within the year?

UPDATE: More hints of an impending attack (courtesy of Miss Cellania).


Blogger Miss Cellania said...

There are lots of indications that it will happen.

I think this is part of Dubya's dream from the beginning.

10:45 AM  
Blogger Canardius said...

Persia has been the enemy of Pax Romana since Crassus died at Carrhae in 54 B. C., and of Pax Americana since we supported the Shah.

They were enough of a threat that we had once considered Saddam Hussein an ally when he fought them. [Analogies have been made to our asking Stalin to help defeat Hitler half a century ago.]

7:55 PM  

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