Saturday, January 28, 2006

An Angry Jewish Rant

I've decided to give myself permission to have an agry rant once in a while. If screamed or printed invective upsets you, read no further. This is not intended to be a logical or reasonable argument for any political point. I'm just a really pissed off Jew right about now. So, here's the rant:

Stop f***ing comparing everything and everyone you don't like to Hitler and the Holocaust, you stupid freaking jackasses! I don't care if you're liberal or conservative. I don't care how legitimate your complaint is about these people or practices. I don't care how bad or evil they are. He or she is not Adolf freaking Hitler! And (put your favorite form of murder against the unborn, animals, people, etc. here) is not the Holocaust! You are degrading the lives and deaths of tens of millions of people with your stupid, exaggerated analogy and making yourself and by extension your ideas look like the dumb side of ignorant! Here's a little history lesson for you.

Hitler was a subhumanly brutal, psychotic, megalomaniacal dictator who planned and carried out an obsessively organized plot to overthrow the government of Germany, invade and occupy all of Europe, parts of Asia, and much of Africa; exterminate 12 million civilians (6 million of them Jews); create a climate of such terror in his own country that no one would speak out publicly; and start a world war leading to the deaths of tens of millions of soldiers and civilians. George W. Bush is not Hitler! Saddam Hussein is not Hitler! Despite being a really big dyke, I would rather get down on my knees and suck the Shrub's and Saddam's shriveled little dicks than shake hands with Hitler any day of the damned week, even the Sabbath.

The Holocaust was the organized, systematic persecution and murder of 12 million people in an attempt to wipe out entire groups of people, entire cultures, and one of the world's major religions from the face of the earth. And lets not forget the mass sterilization and "euthanasia" committed against 200,000 Germans. Or the Kristallnacht pogrom. Or the SS death squads that, according to their own records, executing more than one million Jews, Gypsies, members of the intelligentsia, and other political undesirables. Or the boiling hot/freezing cold train cars filled with people packed in tighter than we permit animals going to slaughter to be packed, for days with no food, water, or sleep! Or the forced labor concentration camps, the slave labor camps set up in occupied territories, and the extermination camps where most who entered died within 24 hours. Or the use of slave labor in German industry. Or the brutal, torturous human experimentation, much of it performed on children. These people--after suffering as much as the Nazis could make them suffer--were killed by starvation, disease, mass shootings, electrocution, beatings, exposure, hypothermia, heat exhuastion, lethal injection, gassing, and much more!

Legal abortion is not the Holocaust! Assisted suicide is not the Holocaust! Industrial slaughterhouses and farms are not the Holocaust! The secret and not-so-secret prisons of the "war on terror" are not the Holocaust! Neither Saddam Husseins vengeful murder of Kurds and Shia nor his infamous torture rooms are the Holocaust! Nothing is the Holocaust! It may be genocide. It may be systemic brutality. It may be a crime against humanity. But it is not and never will be the Holocaust!

The next time you even think about comparing anyone or anything to Hitler or the Holocaust, I want you to go to a Holocaust museum or Auschwitz or the Anne Frank House. Then, find someone who survived the death camps or the slave labor camps or the Nazi occupation. Ask them to tell you what it was really like with the real Hitler during the real Holocaust. If they've got a number tattooed on their arm or some other horrible scar from those days, stare at it really hard for a really long time. Then, lift your head, look them in the eyes, and tell them how appropriate you think your little analogy is. Tell them that so-and-so is just like Hitler. Tell them that such-and-such is just like the Holocaust. If you can actually open your mouth to say such a vile and reprehensible thing, then you have either no brain or no soul.


Blogger Stacey said...

Although I disagree with you about legalized abortion not being comparable (i.e. ridding ourselves of "undesirables" on a large scale), I thought this article was so true. People tend to go directly to the most un-P.C. and most emotional thing they can think of just to shock their opponent and garner support.

I call it "argumentum ad Hitlerum."

I was in a group of uber-conservative people and one of them said that those who are against the war are partially responsible for the troops' deaths. I was a little scared to speak up, because everyone was agreeing with her. Finally, I said wait a minute, screw you, YOU'RE the one that wants them all over there. *I'm* the one that wants them home. She went on to compare me to a terra-ist, and I, like a proper adult, called her a name and left the group. She ticked me right off.

4:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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