Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Very Interesting But Old News for Halloween

Why believing in ghosts is more "normal" than we realize.

I have a problem with the interpretations of some of the data. For instance, thinking it's creepy to wear a sweater worn by a serial killer doesn't mean we necessarily think the sweater's "infected." Yelling at computers doesn't necessarily mean that we think they're "conscious." Anthropomorphism as an abstract tool for speaking or thinking about complex topics is very common. In most cases, these anthropomorphisms aren't taken literally by the "speaker" and not expected to be taken literally by the "listener."

I'd put this down to bad science journalism if it weren't for the published science papers and articles (by scientists) I've read. This is a much bigger topic than I have time for, but I'd like to take a look at it later on.

Until then, Happy Halloween or Happy All Hallow's Eve or Happy Samhain to you and yours. If none of these fit you, Happy Wednesday.

Monday, October 29, 2007

I Can Write Clearly Now....

Posting has been very difficult as of late due to a.) extreme busy-ness on my part, b.) lots of houseguests and c.) the hate-hate relationship between my ISP and my laptop’s software environment. Unfortunately, writing more than a sentence or two during my lunch hour or (heaven forbid!) during work hours has not been possible. (I’m looking over my shoulder as we speak.) I’m sure you’ve missed me horribly but fear not! Thanks to the awesome, wonderful, amazing Don, I now have a new computer.

Now, for Don’s sake and my own, I’ll point out that there was no requesting, begging, cajoling, caterwauling or blackmailing on my part. This was entirely a spontaneous act of generosity. Yes, Don ROCKS! Thank you, Don.

Anyway, as soon as a.) I figure out Windows Vista enough to get it properly configured for my needs b.) I can tear myself away from Chess Titans AND c.) I am houseguest-free, I’ll be back to my old posting self. Advanced warning: This will exclude Thanksgiving week, as I’ll HOPEFULLY (Cross your fingers!) be out of town visiting my family and good friends for the first time in 2 years.

Well, that about does it. Back to work.