Thursday, February 01, 2007

Molly Ivins: Rest In Peace

How do you pay tribute to the woman who determined your destiny?

Way back in high school, when the military and the ministry were my future, my fourth year English teacher responded to one of my assigned journal entries by telling me that I may very well be the next Molly Ivins. With those words in my head, I sought out Ms. Ivins' work and consumed it voraciously. I decided then that if I could come even close to being the "next Molly Ivins," then I had to go for it. Thus, a journalist was born.

More than a decade later, as I mourn Molly's passing, I can't help but reflect on those words: the next Molly Ivins. I wasn't certain then if I was worthy of that compliment. I know now that I am not. But for the remainder of my career, I will stand gratefully in her shadow.

Molly, from one crazy Southern broad to another, thank you and rest in peace.


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